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Improve Your Trucking/Logistics Business With Touchstone Communications

At Touchstone Communications, we understand the importance of finding the right outsourced talent for your logistics and transportation business. For more than 20 years, Touchstone has provided U.S. and Canadian businesses with dedicated teams, exclusive to each client.
Sourcing logistics and trucking services such as dispatch, freight tracking, and route management remains a challenge for trucking and logistics companies even today. A lack of specialized labor and poor routing strategies have also contributed as major set-backs for the transport and logistics industry.

How does trucking and logistics outsourcing work?

Trucking and logistics outsourcing involves hiring a third party like Touchstone to provide a team of human resources at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. We can dispatch drivers, track pickups and deliveries, find lost shipments, handle difficult customer service situations, and even help get stranded drivers road side assistance and coordinate with quality repair shops.
We understand the shipping industry is hard work. We will provide a team of quality experts that will work as hard as you do to make your company successful.

Here is a run-down on how trucking and logistics outsourcing works

1. Assessment of requirements

Touchstone will work closely with you and your team to assess your company’s transportation and logistics requirements, and develop a customized solution to meet those specific requirements.

2. Planning and execution

After an assessment of the client’s requirements, Touchstone will build an execution plan, taking into account factors such as route planning, delivery schedules, and resource allocation.

3. Monitoring and tracking

Lastly, Touchstone will use modern technology and other facilitating tools to monitor and track the transportation of goods in real-time, allowing for greater visibility and control.

Advantages of outsourcing logistics to Touchstone Communications


Outsourcing to Touchstone Communications can help your business save up to 40-70% on logistics and transportation experts, as opposed to hiring in-house logistics and trucking resources.


Our team of professionals can help your business improve the efficiency and speed of supply chain operations. We have years of experience in the logistics industry, and have the expertise and resources to optimize routes, manage transportation schedules, and handle unexpected challenges.

Start your team with a minimum of 5 logistics experts!

With Touchstone Communications, you can start your team with a minimum of 5 logistics and transport experts. Our team of transportation and logistics experts specializes in providing dispatching services, inbound and omni-channel customer service, problem resolution, and roadside assistance.
Many of the largest trucking and logistics companies in the world are using an outsourced model for their transport and logistics solutions. This model allows companies to effectively partner with an outsourcing company, which then delivers a far superior service at a much more affordable cost than what was achievable in the past.

Outsource your trucking and logistics services to Touchstone Communications today

Outsourcing experts from Touchstone Communications costs a fraction of hiring in-house logistics and trucking resources.
With six facilities across Asia, Touchstone Communications hires experienced industry experts that can help you boost business productivity, cut costs and enhance day-to-day logistic operations. We are a U.S. company based in Fort Worth, TX. We own and operate our facilities serving transportation companies in the U.S. and Canada.
Connect with us today to learn how our cost-saving services can elevate your transportation business and streamline your supply chain to the next level.